Sam shoots Maggie + Arturo’s Denver Engagement Photos!

Sam took ultra busy Maggie and Arturo out for their engagement photos on the same day they were moving. And why not? They obviously had a fun shoot together! Interestingly, Sam and I have done e-photos recently with different couples. And with all the spots to choose, that we’ve both never shot at, we ended up at some of the same places! This is where style comes in, making our images totally different in the same spots. From Sam’s text to me after we figured out we shot at the same yellow wall– “mine were at Pitch Dark O’Clock, with my lights bag in my car three blocks away”. Who knew? She killed it without her lights, making it work. That’s what being a good photographer is all about and what impresses me about Sam. So after shooting, lets talk about processing images. Sam is from India and likes to see the world through golden, magic hour sunset glasses. That’s just how she rolls. And it comes through in how she processes her images. I have to say I love it, it really ties the room  shoot together.  Congratulations Maggie and Arturo on your upcoming wedding! 

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